Friday, January 22, 2010

NBA Concept #5--Cleveland Cavaliers

Here is Cleveland. Really nothing to say here that isn't said on the sheet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NBA Concept #4--Chicago Bulls

For Chicago, I think I had the most fun with this one so far. I updated the Bull logo so it looks up to date, but of course it's still about 80% the same...keepin the tradition! The secondary is on a bball, if you cant notice, and is balanced with the Chicago skyline!

The uniforms are non-clunky, as i would say, versions of their originals. I swapped the coloring a little bit too, again to make a clean look. The alternate features sublimated, charcoalish pinstripes! I thought using red pstripes would kill it.

NBA Concept #3--Charlotte Bobcats

Here is the Bobcats. For Charlotte I went with a darker shade of blue and beige rather than orange to remove their look from the Knicks.

NBA Concept #2--Boston Celtics

Here is concept number two. For Boston my main goal was to drop black from the uniform and utilize the gold that they seldom have used in their uniforms. I used the gold strictly as trim for the home and away sets. Also, for the road I added "Boston" script to replace the Celtics script. The design is a tad less, actually, than their current uniforms when it comes to stripes and piping.

The alternate uses a pen script from the 40s! It also would be the first Celtics alternate that wasn't the color green.

Monday, January 18, 2010

NBA Concept #1--Atlanta Hawks

My two life long obsessions of drawing (from my earlier age) and sports (from my teenage years) have finally collided. This past summer I ran into this freeware program called inkscape, which gives you amazing tools for editing and drawing high quality images (basically, ms paint has become obsolete).

I tinkered around with it for a while, but then thought, "What could I possibly use this for?" I'm not really an artist. But, I did notice that the clean and streamlined style of sports logos are easily replicated through this program. Well, tada! I started drawing logos with it. I ran into a board on that is full of people who just make up sports logos all day. From there I downloaded a whole bunch of templates, and after a few months later, you have this---my NBA redesign.

Basically what I will be doing here is I will be going through and redesigning or tweaking NBA team's identities.


Atlanta Hawks

For the Atlanta Hawks I combined new and old elements. Their current uniforms just don't have as much character as these. But, I will say the latter had a boring design. So, I combined the old script and numbers with the newer piping. I changed the color scheme because navy blue and red is used way too much in sports. Any time I can avoid navy blue and red I will! The third jersey I designed here is roughly based on this shelf jersey sold a few years back. I also tweaked the logos a little bit.